Nutrition Requirements for Kabaddi Players


Kabaddi is a Challenging game that needs the player to be powerful, has above-average stamina, be agile, and be extremely swift. Nutrition is crucial in doing all of this. The game allows the player to chant “Kabaddi” without stopping in the round, testing their stamina. A Fantasy Kabaddi player’s fundamental skills include running, dodging, hitting, and escaping the opposing team’s player’s grasp. It’s also a fast-paced game in which players must run and think Quickly.

Kabaddi is a fight of physical and emotional strength. As a result, a kabaddi player’s fitness and nutrition are crucial in making them stand out. Since Kabaddi demands powerful muscles and physical power, only high-intensity exercise can provide that kind of muscle and strength.? A kabaddi player needs to eat about five times a day and typically eats a high-calorie diet. They often need a high-calorie diet for such exercise. These athletes need everyday vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, and exercise supplements in addition to their nutrition to keep up with their strenuous training sessions.

Any Sport’s recovery period is Critical. Physical Exhaustion and stress are common side effects of training. Recovery happens as the body adapts to stress, including changes in muscle tissue repair, glycogen accumulation, and immune system activity. Your body should be primed for another high-intensity exercise the next day after a high-intensity workout. Muscle tissues break down and provide energy during exercise. And nerves, such as the pupils, require less energy to compensate for the energy expended during physical activity.

Requirements of the Sport

Kabaddi, also known as “the people’s game,” is a highly physically demanding sport. It necessitates a high level of muscle coordination, stamina, rapid reactions, decision-making abilities, mental presence, and breath-holding capability. Raiders are selected for their attacking skills, which are built on technical skills, escape abilities, and excellent footwork, to name a few. Simultaneously, the defense is defined by positional play, catching power, power, and teammate coordination, among other things. 

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Players must have outstanding aerobic-anaerobic strength, endurance, explosive abilities, neuromuscular coordination, and stability at the same time. Male players, particularly junior and senior, are expected to have body fat levels of 12-14 percent on average. Players are often vulnerable to a considerable risk of injury due to multiple movements such as grapples, punches, and crashes with teammates or fall to the ground.

Nutrition Guidelines

It has been observed that nutrition awareness amongst kabaddi players has been low, particularly regarding macro-nutrients and their primary duties and responsibilities. The traditional dietary pattern has always been to consume a high-carbohydrate diet supplemented with ghee and dairy in almost every meal of the day.

The following is a list of primary micronutrients that can be used as a daily diet guideline: –


Carbohydrates are essential for allowing exercise, as retained muscle glycogen is the primary fuel source throughout the play. Carbohydrates also ensure a steady flow of glucose to the brain, which is essential for rapid reactions and calculated decisions; when players practice with low-carbohydrate stores, fatigue sets in.


Protein, along with high-quality carbohydrates, are essential for muscle growth and recovery. Weight, endurance, and explosiveness must be developed by proper preparation. Protein intake should be about 2-3 grams per kilogram of body weight per day. Non-vegetarian protein types include red meat, lean meat such as chicken and fish, eggs, dairy products such as milk, curd, paneer, soy, and dals/pulses. Most non-vegetarian sources include natural creatine, which is essential for lean body mass gains, stamina, and explosiveness.

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