Paint and Sip Classes Go Virtual, Pandemic Boosts Demand of At Home Activities


It’s been over a year since the beginning of the pandemic, and with so many social situations no longer being viable, people stuck at home are looking to combat one persisting issue – boredom. This has led to all sorts of creative ways people have found to occupy their time. Zoom hangouts with friends can get stale without some structure, so an increasingly popular twist on that would be taking paint and sip classes online.

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While traditionally taking place in person at art studios after a rise in popularity over the past decade, the pandemic has led to the rapid increase in partaking in the experience virtually. Studios around the country have shifted their operations to accommodate for at-home participants.

Younger generations are much more likely to spend extra money on activities or experiences, so the appeal is even greater for them. These classes offer an affordable chance to get out of the monotonous routine that Covid has brought upon us, but in a safe environment at your home.

Art studios around the country have had to find a way to adapt their business with so many being closed or limited. The ease of paint and sip classes online has been a wonderful chance to expand their increasingly popular business online.

Social Fun

For so many businesses, the pandemic has taken a major chunk out of their business, especially for an industry like in person art studios. These virtual paint and sip set ups have been a great way for them to recoup some of their losses, but also provide an awesome activity for people who have been going crazy at home. Plus, it’s something that can easily be done with friends, so just another chance to see them. 

One more effect that Covid has wrought has been a major increase in alcohol sales, according to NPR, alcohol sales outside of bars and restaurants have increased roughly 24% since the pandemic. So if you’re feeling guilty about drinking more than you might normally, you are not alone.

So, if you may be feeling guilty about drinking and doing nothing, pairing your glass of wine with an activity like arts and crafts is an excellent way to do something that’s not just sitting on the couch drinking.

All Experience Welcome

For many, painting could seem intimidating if you haven’t picked up a brush in many years, but part of the point of these classes is that it’s welcoming to all levels of experience. The point is not to compare skills, but instead to enjoy creating art while having a drink or two – which might ease some of the apprehension painting can create.

The environment is intended to be casual and for fun. This isn’t a rigorous exercise trying to train people to one day hang something in the Louvre. It’s a chance for people to get in touch with some creativity and have a good time.

This is where the wine comes in as well. Lots of people are a little stiff when they are being vulnerable and making art that others can see. By doing just a little drinking, the thought is it looses people up to be more comfortable and let the creative juices flow. Certainly, for instructors it’s a good chance to get beginners to have fun working on their craft without feeling judged because it’s a casual environment.

Plus, with the rise of the at-home incarnation of the activity, the barrier to entry is that much easier. Simply set up in your living room and you’re ready to go. Lots of people who might not think of themselves as creative could be surprised how much they enjoy the combination of the wine and the painting, accessing a hobby they hadn’t considered before.

Certainly as things begin to open back up, those who found paint and sip classes online will begin to do more things, likely taking one of the classes in person. However, with the convenience and ease they provide, the virtual experience will be here to stay.

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