Perfect Checkout Grabs Attention of Shopify Sellers, Better Than WooCommerce


The previous year gave us numerous progressions in the manner in which we sell and shop. With limitations because of the pandemic, and expanding vulnerability with regards to close contact, brick-and-mortar stores confronted certain demise. One platform, Perfect Checkout, is here to offer these retailers a simple route in, and it’s causing a ripple effect in the realms of Ecommerce and FinTech. 

James Rowland, The originator of “Perfect Checkout” has zeroed in his endeavors on developing Ecommerce tools throughout the previous 8 years. He firmly believes that these tools should help both the seller and the customer have a better experience. Rowland realizes that little to medium sized stores face a few obstacles when setting up their online shop. 

“I can relate to anyone who’s involved in launching an online store”, Rowland adds. “Ecommerce is still in its infancy, and launching even a simple online store can be be both exhausting and quickly expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even for me, it’s a big job to get a proper ecommerce website off the ground. I don’t know anyone in my field who doesn’t wish it was easier.”

Optimizing Your Checkout Page

Storekeepers are gnawing their nails when clients show up at the checkout window, the last stage before purchasing. You’ll notice this on platforms like WooCommerce or BigCommerce. This is a stage when many consumers abandon their carts, a whopping 70% of clients! The best way to guarantee a conversion is offering a seamless checkout experience, which Rowland seeks to provide. 

This platform lets users purchase ‘at the speed of an impulse’. It takes merely seconds to process a payment and show a successful transaction. Plus it’s safe and simple for owners to use and install, taking less than 5 minutes total. The result is an astonishing 40% increase in sales after the checkout is activated. 

Perfect Checkout works ‘perfectly’ with the popular wordpress shopping platform WooCommerce. Credit card processing platforms such as Stripe, PayPal, Square and BigCommerce have shown interest in Perfect after generating considerable interest. Upon announcing their platform in a single Facebook post, they generated at least 600 sign-ups. Rowland commented on the startling launch:

“I just shot a quick video showing what we built and talking to the camera. I blurted out that I think our checkout solution is actually better than Shopify’s now, and I think that excited a lot of Woocommerce supporters who have been wanting a solution like this.”

Giving You Back Control Of Your Store

The big shopping platforms also encourage you to use their own credit card processing tools, such as ShopPay in Shopify’s case. This restricts sellers who are on the fringes of what is considered a marketable industry. 

One such case is the hemp/CBD market which is gaining traction after legalization in several U.S. states. Perfect gives these industries a way to sell their products without the restrictions. Additionally, there is more support for multiple payment methods, including Stripe, Square and Paypal. In the future, Rowland is looking to add Apple Pay, crypto, and installment payment methods to give even more flexibility. 

Perfect Checkout also lets you customize the checkout experience which is more restrictive on Shopify. For example, to customize your checkout you would need a Shopify Plus plan starting at $24K a year, plus a developer and UX/UI tester to make it all work. Needless to say you wouldn’t have the same capabilities with WooCommerce. This just isn’t viable for those just starting out with limited resources and budgets. Perfect simply charges a small percentage of your sales, plus a low monthly fee and you’re set to start making sales!

“This is a passion project for me. I’m solving the problems I had in earlier startups where time and money were slim and I was required to produce big results. Perfect Checkout might not sound sexy to many, but it solves a critical problem shared by thousands and would have made my life a whole lot easier. Hopefully I can help others like me, and maybe if we get big enough we can inspire more people around the world to get started with ecommerce by making it a little easier for them.”

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