VIDEOS: Boca Raton & Lakewood Community Make Strong Showing To Protest Get-Refuser Aaron Silberberg

Last Updated: 9:15pm

BOCA RATON (VINnews) — Members of the Boca Raton community came out in large numbers on Tuesday to protest Aaron Silberberg, who is refusing to give a Get to his wife Devorah.

Devorah has signed an agreement that states that once Aaron grants her a Get, she will agree to an arbitration agreement that will allow Aaron to select a Beis Din of his choosing who will renegotiate all the financial disputes and even child custody disputes that have already been ruled in Devorah’s favor in the secular courts. This leaves Aaron no excuse to still withhold a Get.

The rally was attended by Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, a well respected Rav in Boca Raton.

Later on Tuesday evening, protestors gathered in Lakewood as well to rally against Aaron Silberberg’s refusal to give a Get.

[WATCH: Background To The Aaron Silberberg Rallies Scheduled For TONIGHT]




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