TONIGHT! Rally Planned To #FreeNechama From Get Refuser Dovid Wasserman


NEW YORK (VINnews) — Amid the momentum that is building in the public outcry against the Get refuser Dovid Wasserman and his family that is enabling him, a rally has been scheduled for this evening to further the cause.

The rally will take place at 4 Hilltop Ln in Monsey, New York. This is the residence of Mrs. Rivka Wasserman, the mother of Dovid. Dovid also resides at this address.

Dovid has withheld a Get from his wife Nechama for nearly 7 years now. There is no dispute regarding finances or custody. Dovid enjoyed a very generous custody agreement from day 1. To this day, Dovid interacts with his children all the time. Nechama also has not ever received a dime of child support, nor is she asking for that now. All she is asking for is the right to move on from a dead marriage, something that Dovid continues to deny her.

[Get Refuser Dovid Wasserman Silences Social Media Campaign That Brought Awareness To Plight Of Agunah]

Rivka Wasserman is complicit in Dovid’s Get refusal, as she is harboring Dovid rent free and allowing him to be supported by a family trust fund. This is directly enabling Dovid to continue to keep Nechama trapped without a care in the world.

Dovid’s siblings are complicit as well, as they have not ever responded to the requests from Beis Din and Rabbanim to sit down and have a conversation about how they can help. (One of the siblings did appear one time for a meeting years ago, but only said she cannot help.) Their silence is deafening. If there is any way Dovid can be compelled to grant Nechama a Get, it is through their intervention, as well as their mother’s.

In recent days, Dovid’s brother Shmuel Wasserman released a statement that unfortunately contained many untruths about the situation and about Nechama herself. These things are verifiably false, and VINnews has taken the time to pursue the evidence.

These claims will not be addressed here, however if Shmuel would like to display his sincerity in being on Nechama’s side, he only needs to display a willingness to work with Nechama and her Rav to help move the process forward. Indeed the entire Wasserman family need only pick up the phone and arrange a meeting. Their assistance would be welcomed with open arms, the past 6 years notwithstanding.

Dovid’s Parents:
Pinchos Wasserman
Rivky Wasserman

Dovid’s Siblings:
Shaya Wasserman
Shmuly Wasserman
Avi Wasserman
Yocheved Adelman
Sarala Muschel
Chany Barnetsky
Miriam Fruchter
Yanky Wasserman

Last night, noted influencer Berel Solomon (@berelsolomon) hosted an Instagram live where he interviewed members of Nechama’s family and other influencers involved in the case.

The video featured Nechama’s brother Gavriel and sisters Shaina and Chaya. Also present was Shira Stern (@swaddlebee) who went to school with Nechama, Syrian influencer Mexican Pacino (@mexicanpacino0528), and Adina Miles (@flatbushgirl).

The replay of the full video is below. Readers are encouraged to watch it in full to learn more about case, as well as some of the false rumors that were spread.



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