Haircuts in Halacha Video and Poster Rereleased in time for Lag Ba’omer Haircuts


Lag Ba’Omer means bonfires, music and, of course, haircuts. After many weeks away from the barbers’ chair, many are looking forward to finally trimming their overgrown bangs.

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Unlike last year, while in the midst of the Covid lockdown we were forced to give in-house haircuts to ourselves and our kids, this year B’H we will be able to head into our local barbershops. What remains the same is that, if not careful, it is quite easy to transgress Issurei Dioraysa when giving or getting even the most basic haircut. Care must be taken in numerous places around the head to keep the Peyos Harosh intact according to the standards laid out in Halacha.

To address this critical need for education Madison Torah Projects rereleased a video presentation on the Halachos of Haircuts. The shiur in English was given by the popular and sought after speaker, Reb Avi Wiesenfeld in Camp Agudah in 2018. Rabbi Wiesenfeld is Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Beis Dovid Yerushalayim and is the author of Kashrus in the Kitchen, the Pocket Halacha series and others. 

Madison and Rabbi Wiesenfeld joined together over the last few years to offer this presentation to dozens of professional barbers and Rabbanim, as well as to many Yeshivos and camps around the NY-NJ area in response to the general lack of knowledge amongst the public about these Halachos. 

The video can be viewed or downloaded here and a copy of a poster showing the Halachic guidelines to a Kosher Haircut can be downloaded here.

To get a copy of the poster emailed directly, you can contact Madison Torah Projects at 732-806-4692 or at [email protected].

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