Updated List Of Fatalities Identified In The Meron Tragedy

Hundreds of Haredim at a funeral in Jerusalem for one of the victims of the Meron tragedy, April 30, 2021 (Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90)

MERON (VINnews) — As the horror and shock from the Meron tragedy is still sinking in, authorities are working to identify and treat the dozens of victims of the crowd crush.

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Tragically, there are at least 45 confirmed dead, including 5 Americans.

Below is a list of fatalities thus far identified and cleared for publication:

  • Shragee Gestetner of Monsey, NY. He is survived by his wife and 6 children.
  • Eliezer Tzvi Joseph of Kiryas Joel
  • Yosef Amram Tauber of Monsey, a talmid in Brisk
  • Menachem Knoblowitz, 22, of Boro Park. He was enagged to a girl from Lakewood.
  • Eliezer Goldberg of Beitar Ilit
  • Dovid Kraus, 33, a Toldos Aharon Chossid of Beit Shemesh. He is survived by his wife and 9 children.
  • Yisrael Alnakvah, 24, of Beit Shemesh. He is survived by his wife and two children.
  • Chanoch Solod,52, of Ashdod
  • Simcha Bunim Diskind, 23, of Beit Shemesh
  • Habachur Eliyahu Cohen, 16, of Beitar Ilit, a talmid of Yeshivas Heichal Avraham in Beitar
  • Chaim Rock of Beit Shemesh, a talmid of Yeshivas Mir-Brachfeld
  • Moshe ben Shalom of Bnei Brak, a Talmid of Yeshivas Ponavezh
  • Yedidya Fogel, a Talmid at Yeshivas Hatziyonit Hadatit
  • Menachem Asher Zeckbach, 24, of Kiryat Sefer
  • Yehuda Leib Rubin, 27, of Beit Shemesh
  • Yonoson Chevroni of Givat Shmuel.
  • Yosef Dovid Elhadad, a Talmid of Yeshiva Amalah Shel Torah in Yerushalayim
  • Yehudah Leib Rubin of Ramah 1ג.
  • Elazar Gefner
  • Nachman Kirshenbaum of Beit Shemesh
  • Chaim Ozer Seler, 24, of Nevei Yaakov, Yerushalayim
  • Moshe Levy, 14, of Kiryat Herzog, Talmid of Talmud Torah Imrei Dovid
  • Dov Steinmetz of Montreal, Canada. Was learning in Mir Yerushalayim.
  • Yaakov Elchanan Strakovsky, 20, Talmid of Yeshiva Be’er Yisrael
  • Yosef Mastorov, 26, a Talmidof Yeshiva Rinah Shel Torah, Carmiel
  • Nachman Doniel Morris, 19, Teaneck, N.J.
  • Shimon Matlon, 37, a Rebbe in Talmud Torah Chanichei Hayeshivos
  • Eliezer Mordechai Goldberg, 37, of Beitar Illit. He was a Rebbein Talmud Torah Aderes Eliyahu.
  • Shmuel Tzvi Kalgsbard, 43, of Beitar. He was a Rosh Kollel in Rachmastrivka and a Magid Shiur in Yeshivas Meor Einayim.
  • Moshe Nosson Nota Englard, 14, and his brother Yehoshua Englard Z”L, 9, of Yerushalayim.
  • Moshe Mordechai Elchad-Sharf Z”L, 12, and his brother Yosef Dovid, 18, of Yerushalayim.
  • Yosef Yehuda Levi, 17, of Rechasim.
  • Yishai Me’ulam, 17
  • Avrohom Daniel Ambon, 21, of Argentinia, a Talmid of Yeshivas Heichal Yitzchak.
  • Elazar Yitzchok Koltai, 13. He lived in Yerushalayim, originally from Passaic, NJ.
  • Ariel Tzadik, 56, of Beit Vegan, Yerushalayim.
  • Yosef Greenbaum, 22, of Haifa.
  • Yedidyia Chiyuis
  • Yossi Cohen, 21, of Cleveland. He was learning at Mir Yerushalayim.
  • Elkanah Shila, 28, of Yerushalayim.
  • Elazar Gefner, 52, of Har Nof, Yerushalayim
  • Tzadik Mordcha Yoel ben Avrum Yakovm Mordechai Fekete Z”L at the young age of 23. (the niftar leaves behind a wife and 2 children, an emergency Chesed Fund campaign was launched, click here to donate)

As dozens of families are mourning the loss of their loved ones, a fund has been set up by The Chesed Fund to assist financially, removing one less worry from their minds.

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