The Names And Faces Of Those Who Tragically Lost Their Lives At Mount Meron

    Mourners attend the funeral of brothers Yosef David Elhadar and Moshe Mordechai Elhadar, two victims of the stampede at Mount Meron, May 2, 2021. Photo by David Cohen/Flash90.
    JERUSALEM (JNS) – They came from all over Israel and the world to celebrate Lag B’Omer, in the first open religious event in the country since the start of the pandemic. Forty-five would end up crushed to death, while more than 150 were injured.

    The following is a list of those whose names were released by Sunday morning:

    Menachem Zakbach (24) from Modiin Illit

    Menachem Zakbach. Credit: Courtesy.

    David Kraus (33) from Beit Shemesh

    David Kraus. Credit: Courtesy.

    Yosef Amram Tauber, an American citizen

    Yosef Amram Tauber. Credit: Courtesy.

    Rabbi Eliezer Mordechai Goldberg (37) from Betar Illit

    Rabbi Eliezer Mordechai Goldberg. Credit: Courtesy.

    Eliezer Tzvi Youzef (26) from the United States

    Eliezer Tzvi Youzef. Credit: Courtesy.

    Eliyahu Cohen (16) from Betar Illit

    Eliyahu Cohen. Credit: Courtesy.

    Simcha Bunim Diskind (23) from Beit Shemesh

    Simcha Bunim Diskind. Credit: Courtesy.

    Shimon Matalon (37) from Betar Illit

    Shimon Matalon. Credit: Courtesy.

    Rabbi Hanoch Slod (52) from Ashdod

    Rabbi Hanoch Slod. Credit: Courtesy.

    Moshe Ben-Shalom (20) from Bnei Brak

    Moshe Ben-Shalom. Credit: Courtesy.

    Yonatan Chevroni (27) from Givat Shmuel

    Yonatan Chevroni. Credit: Courtesy.

    Haim Rach from Beit Shemesh

    Haim Rach. Credit: Courtesy.

    Yishai Mualem (17)

    Yishai Mualem. Credit: Courtesy.

    Yedidiya Asher Fogel (22) from Jerusalem

    Yedidiya Asher Fogel. Credit: Courtesy.

    Eliezer Yitzhok Koltai (13) from Jerusalem

    Eliezer Yitzhok Koltai. Credit: Courtesy.

    Rabbi Yehuda Leib Rubin (27) from Beit Shemesh

    Rabbi Yehuda Leib Rubin. Credit: Courtesy.

    Moshe Levy (14) from Bnei Brak

    Moshe Levy. Credit: Courtesy.

    Shmuel Zvi Klagsbald (43) from Beitar Illit

    Shmuel Zvi Klagsbald. Credit: Courtesy.

    Yosef Mastorov (17), a yeshiva student from Ramle

    Yosef Mastorov. Credit: Courtesy.

    Haim Seller (24) from Jerusalem

    Haim Seller. Credit: Courtesy.

    Dubi Steinmetz (21) from Montreal, studying at a Jerusalem yeshiva

    Dubi Steinmetz. Credit: Courtesy.

    Yaakov Elchanan Strakovsky (20) from Elad

    Yaakov Elchanan Strakovsky. Credit: Courtesy.

    Nahman Kirshbaum (15) from Beit Shemesh

    Nahman Kirshbaum. Credit: Courtesy.

    Yosef Yehuda Levy (17) from Rechasim

    Yosef Yehuda Levy. Credit: Courtesy.

    Rabbi Ariel Tzadik (56) from Jerusalem

    Rabbi Ariel Tzadik. Credit: Courtesy.

    Daniel Morris (19) from New Jersey

    Daniel Morris. Credit: Courtesy.

    Rabbi Eliezer Gafner (52) from Jerusalem

    Rabbi Eliezer Gafner. Credit: Courtesy.

    Yisrael Ankawa (24) from Jerusalem

    Yisrael Ankawa. Credit: Courtesy.

    Avrohom Daniel Ambon (21) from Argentina

    Avrohom Daniel Ambon. Credit: Courtesy.

    Yosef Greenbaum (22) from Haifa

    Yosef Greenbaum. Credit: Courtesy.

    Pinchas Menachem Knoblowitz (21) from New York

    Pinchas Menachem Knoblowitz. Credit: Courtesy.

    Elkana Shiloh (28) from Jerusalem

    Elkana Shiloh. Credit: Courtesy.

    Yedidya Hayut (13)

    Yedidya Hayut. Credit: Courtesy.

    Moshe Tzarfati (65) from Jerusalem

    Moshe Tzarfati. Credit: Courtesy.

    Ariel Achdut (20) from Jerusalem

    Ariel Achdut. Credit: Courtesy.

    Shlomo Zalman Leibowitz (19) from Safed

    Shlomo Zalman Leibowitz. Credit: Courtesy.

    Yosef Kahan from Cleveland

    Yosef Kahan. Credit: Courtesy.

    Mordechai Yoel Fakata (24)

    Mordechai Yoel Fakata. Credit: Courtesy.

    Chen Doron (41) from Holon

    Chen Doron. Credit: Courtesy.

    Moshe Bergman (24) from England

    Moshe Bergman. Credit: Courtesy.

    Two sets of siblings were also among the victims:

    Moshe Engelrad (14) and Yehoshua Engelrad (9) from Jerusalem

    Moshe and Yehoshua Engelrad. Credit: Courtesy.

    Yosef David Elchadad (18) and Moshe Mordechai Elchadad (12) from Jerusalem

    Yosef David and Moshe Mordechai Elchadad. Credit: Courtesy.

    Hassidic singer Rabbi Shraga Gestetner (35) from Montreal, who came to Israel specifically for the Lag B’Omer celebrations, was also killed in the disaster. He was buried in Jerusalem on Friday afternoon, but with no immediate family present in Israel to attend the funeral.

    Hassidic singer Rabbi Shraga Gestetner. Credit: Courtesy.

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