Judge Overturns Biden Extension


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WASHINGTON DC – It is music to the ears of some landlords, even if they are keeping the second half of Sefirah.  On the other hand, it is disturbing to many that have been adversely effected by the pandemic.

In a twenty page ruling, Federal Judge Dabney Friedrich ruled that the Department of Health and Human Services exceeded its authority when it imposed a freeze on evictions.

In other words, the CDC cannot stop landlords from evicting tenants that aren’t paying their rent.

The ruling was issued on Wednesday afternoon.

Hundreds of thousands of landlords across the country have what to celebrate.  Until now, they were responsible to pay their own mortgages, while some tenants who were taking advantage of the situation – living rent free.  This situation has changed.  On the other hand it could be disappointing news to those who have lost so much on account of the pandemic.

The ruling may also be good news for lawyers who specialize in evictions.

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