Rabbi Zilberstein Ruled: Don’t Sit Shiva, It Could Endanger The Grandmother


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Rabbi Yitzchok Zilberstein, the rabbi of Ramat Elchonon, gave an interesting ruling in his weekly shiur regarding a family who had lost their son in the Meron tragedy. The family has an old grandmother who is in poor health and was very attached to this particular grandchild.

Rabbi Zilberstein stressed that in such a situation, sitting shiva for the son could endanger the life of the grandmother and therefore the family should not do any external mourning -should not sit shiva, should not wear torn clothes and should act normally. They should inform the grandmother that their son was injured in an accident and that they are considering sending him abroad for treatment.

Additionally, they should have someone near the grandmother to ensure that nobody will come in to visit her and inadvertently offering comforting words to her or let slip that her grandson had died.

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