Adopt A Shadchan Starts 30-Day ‘Nix The Pix’ Initiative To Make Real-Life Shidduchim Without Pictures


NEW YORK (VINnews) — The “Adopt a Shadchan” initiative announced a new project called the “Nix the Pix Initiative”, in memory of or in the merit of the victims of the Meron tragedy.

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Nix The Pix is an initiative by which shadchanim commit to not send, for 30 days, any shidduch resumes that include pictures of the prospects. So far they say over 220 shadchanim have joined the initiative.
The idea behind the initiative is that part of the shidduch crisis can be ascribed to “The Picture” with many wonderful boys and girls not meeting “because of the misconception that a picture can cause,” since “not every picture clearly or accurately depicts a person” and in many cases the person is not photogenic or his/her personality is not accurately reflected in the photograph.
The shadchanim stress how they yearn to present the shidduchim “in real life” and not just via a picture and believe that this may make the difference in many cases.

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