Watch: Two Jews In Near-Lynch After Arab Mob Stones Their Car, Attacks Them Near Old City Of Jerusalem


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In a horrific example of the wanton Arab terror directed against Jews passing through Arab quarters in East Jerusalem, a video taken on Jerusalem Day marking the reunification of the city shows an Arab mob attacking a Jewish car passing near the Old City with stones and blocks. The Jewish driver tries first to reverse and leave but then loses control of the car as he tries to pass the Arabs and ends up driving into a curb and hitting one of the hoodlums. This infuriates all of the other Arabs and they start to open the car and kick and attack the occupants. Only the timely intervention of a passing policeman who fired in the air saved the Jewish occupants of the car from being lynched by the mob.

Ironically the site of the attack is the same place where the final attack which liberated Jerusalem in 1967 was launched from -Lion’s Gate on the east side of the Old City of Jerusalem.


Driver of car shows blocks thrown at his car by Arab hoodlums

This was not an isolated incident as Jewish cars travelling in the City of David and in other areas adjacent to Arab neighborhoods have been targeted with stones and other objects over the past few days. Near the Beit Orot yeshiva on the Mount of Olives, a 7 month old baby and her father were lightly injured by stones thrown at the car they were travelling in. The baby and her father were taken to the nearby Hadassah hospital on Mount Scopus for treatment.

On the same day the chasidim of Zvill who had come to visit the tomb of Rabbi Shlomke on his yahrzeit were also targeted by stones when they ascended to the Mount of Olives where he is buried.

Religious Zionism leader Betzalel Smotrich said that “A terrible lynch like this which takes place in daylight on Jerusalem Day is a tactical and strategic failure. For a long period of time Netanyahu has failed in exercising Jewish sovereignty in Jerusalem. The enemy’s boldness in Jerusalem did not begin in one day. It is an ongoing event which is becoming worse every year. This is a 100% failure of Netanyahu.”




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