After Marriage Proposal On Mount Of Olives, Groom Was Nearly Killed In Lynching By Israeli Arabs


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — It was the perfect setting for a marriage proposal. Beit Hachoshen stands atop the Mount Of Olives, with a stunning view of Temple Mount right below. Tradition says that Moshiach will descend from here to rebuild the Temple.

It was also the perfect time. Jerusalem Day is the day when the city was reunified 54 years ago after a lightning attack on East Jerusalem led to the conquering of the Old City and the Kotel.

Thus it was no surprise that when 21-year-old Aviyah from Samaria proposed to his sweetheart Shachar in this glorious setting that she agreed to marry him. However just a short time later Shachar was forced to run for her life, while her fiancee nearly lost his to Arab terrorists – not Palestinians but Israelis living in Jerusalem and supported by the state of Israel.

The couple were on their way to Beit Orot, a short journey down the road from Beit Hachoshen when they were attacked by a gang of Arab thugs at the A-Tur junction. Aviyah got out of the car, was attacked by stones and stabbed in the back, while Shachar made a hasty getaway and hid from the hoodlums. When Aviyah somehow succeeded in evacuating himself to the nearest police station, bleeding from his wounds, he realized that Shachar was not with him and called on the police to rescue her, which they eventually did.

However Aviyah himself was injured and later described the horrific attack he had suffered:

“The back window was broken and I went out the car to push off the attackers while my fiancee called police. At the beginning they were scared of me but when they saw I was alone they knocked me to the ground and hit me and threw stones at me. After five minutes of being hit I succeeded in getting back to the car and saw that Shachar was not there. I was convinced the Arabs had taken her. I travelled quickly to the Orot junction and told police that there is a Jewish girl being lynched by Arabs.”

picture: Chonenu organization

Shachar, who was driving the car, had tried calling police during the attack on her fiancee “they didn’t fall of their feet from the report” she said. Later she saw that the car was gone, hid between two other cars and eventually succeeded in joining up with police when they arrived after being alerted by Aviyah.

For Aviyah this was not the end of the story. After being evacuated to hospital it was discovered that besides a head injury from the stones, a stabbing in his back had punctured his lung. Aviyah required stitches on his head and back and is still hospitalized.

Aviyah considers this incident a police failure, since “they are in the area and even though Shachar called them, they didn’t arrive until I told them about the lynch. There is no deterrence her. They know that there are stonings here but did nothing until I came to them.”

Shachar who registered the police complaint, said that “the situation here is on fire and something big needs to be done. The police asked me if I knew it was dangerous, but we were only looking over Temple Mount, we weren’t ascending it.”

Attorney Chaim Bleicher of the Chonenu organization said that “this was a murderous attack perpetrated by numerous terrorists and requires a sharp response with arrests and destruction of the terror infrastructure -even among Israeli Arabs. We call on the security forces to use the GSS and all other intelligence to bring to speedy justice the terrorists before they attack other Jews.”



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