Predictably, Israeli Police Arrest The Victims, Ignore The Criminals


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The pictures from Lod last night tell the story: It was a bona fide pogrom, targeting a yeshiva, a Talmud Torah and Jewish cars. All were put to the torch by Arab hooligans, who then proceeded towards a quiet Jewish neighborhood. Seeing the murderous look in the eyes of the hooligans,  and with police overtly absent from the scene,  the Jewish men used what they have to defend their homes – including weapons. After firing warning shots and with the Arabs still advancing, the Jews shot and killed one of the aggressors.

In a normal situation, when police finally arrived on the scene they should have interrogated the Jewish men to ascertain that the shots were fired in self-defense and then addressed the Arab rioters who instigated the entire event. However police immediately arrested the three men involved and confiscated their weapons.

As journalist Avishai Greenzeig said at the arraignment “more depressing than this I can’t imagine. Police admit that none of the Arabs were arrested. No proper investigations were made. They admit that Jews were attacked and that there were no police to defend them but still demanded to extend their remand.

“All suspects had legitimate weapons and no criminal record and they all claim self-defense. Police have simply taken the easy prey of law-abiding citizens who are the victims. Those who were forced to respond instead of the police who did not arrive at the scene despite their entreaties. This is stark injustice at the national level.”

Even Public Security minister Amir Ohana said that the “arrest of the shooter in Lod and his friends, who seemingly acted in self-defense, is terrible. Even if there are things the public doesn’t know yet, law-abiding civilians carrying weapons are an additional force in the hands of authorities to help neutralize threats and dangers.”

Ohana said that if he had the authority he would immediately release the prisoners. Religious Zionist leader Betzalel Smotrich then tweeted that “releasing and arresting is not in the hands of the minister but firing officers who don’t know how to take the right decisions and endanger Israeli citizens is in the hands of the Public Security Minister. Good luck!”


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