Civil Emergency Declared In Lod, Border Police Brought In To Quell Violent Riots


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — After days of rioting by Arab hooligans in the mixed Arab-Jewish town of Lod, tens of cars have been gutted by fire, synagogues and schools set on fire and public infrastructure damaged. In the most serious event, Arabs attacked a Jewish neighborhood and despite calling police for over an hour, no police showed up. The Jewish residents were forced to defend themselves and one of the Arab hooligans was killed by Jewish fire.

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Shul burning in Lod

The government declared a civil emergency in the city Wednesday and brought in border police in an attempt to restore order. Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived in Lod during the night and said that “during the course of the day I received updates about what is happening in this city and I take this very seriously. This is anarchy by hooligans which we cannot accept. If necessary we will place a curfew and restore governance.”

17 Arab hooligans have been arrested so far in Ramle and Lod. During the course of the funeral of the Arab killed in the Lod riots, there were more clashes between Arab mourners and police. A number of participants threw stones at police who blocked their way and burned a police van and motorcycle. In response police threw stun grenades and shot rubber bullets.

Later the hooligans set a bus on fire in the central bus station, burned Jewish cars and dismantled pavements. They also uprooted surveillance cameras and threw stones at Jewish homes nearby. A number of windows were shattered. A Jew was also attacked and suffered serious injuries in one incident.

Lod, Tuesday night

Jewish right-wing elements staged a demonstration in Ramle on Tuesday evening and attacked cars driven by Arabs as well as trying to enter the Old City area where there were disturbances the day before. Some threw stones at Arab houses. Police dispersed them with stun grenades.


Jews remove Sifrei Torah from gutted synagogue in Lod


Jewish cars burnt in Lod
























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