Update: Anti-Tank Missile Fired At Northern Negev Village, 1 Killed, 2 Injured, IDF Strikes Hamas Central Command


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In the latest developments in Israel’s Guarding Of the Walls (Shomer Hachomot) operation, Hamas fired anti-tank missiles Wednesday morning towards kibbutz Netiv Ha’asara adjacent to the Gaza border, directly hitting a jeep travelling there. 1 person is reported dead in the incident and 2 more were injured. When medics came to treat the wounded, Hamas continued to shell the area and the medics were forced to retreat and take the wounded under cover in order to treat them.

During the night, Hamas fired more rocket salvos towards central Israel. In one incident which occurred in the Arab village of Dahmash adjacent to Lod,  a father and daughter went out to see the rockets raining down on the area and suffered a direct hit. Both the father and daughter were killed in the rocket attack, bringing the total number of Israeli casualties to five (not including the morning attack) after 3 women were killed Tuesday.

Hamas claimed to have fired 110 rockets in the salvo which included a direct hit on a house in Yehud, but there were no reports of additional injuries. A 5-year-old girl is still in serious condition after being adjacent to a missile which fell in Holon Tuesday evening.

In response, the IDF struck a number of rocket launchers and also announced Wednesday that it had attacked the Hamas central command, targeting a number of senior commanders in Gaza and Khan Younis. The names of the commanders killed in these attacks will be released later.




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