WATCH: Andrew Yang Verbally Assaulted By Pro-Palestinians Who Call Jews “White Supremacists”


NEW YORK (VINnews) — Mayor candidate Andrew Yang was verbaly assaulted on Tuesday by a group of Anti-Israel activists.

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He was heckled and disturbed by the persistent shouting with accusations that he is supporting “genocide.”

He tried to approach the group and explain his pro-Israel position. He was met with loud shouting of slanderous lies about the activities of the Israeli military.

One of the activists shouted at the candidate “You don’t represent us, you only represent Jewish people.” She went on to label the Jewish community as white supremacists, saying “The only people you represent are white supremacists, we know that to be true.”

The incident follows an outburst of hate directed towards the candidate since he tweeted his unequivocal support of Israel’s right for self-defense in light of the latest escelations of Hamas terror activity in Jerusalem and Southern Israel.

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