Flatbush: Man Arrested After Threatening Shul And Assaulting Security Guard (Video)


BROOKLYN (VINnews) — A man was arrested late Monday, after trying to enter a Shul, and comitting an assault.

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At approximately 9:30 PM, the man approached a Shul in Flatbush on E 27th Street and Ave S. According to reports, he began yelling Anti-Semitic slurs, while trying to enter the Shul.

He was asked to leave, but rather than do so, he assaulted two people.

The police were called, but the man fled on foot.

After a short pursuit, the man was taken into custody. He was transported to the hospital for injuries that were not sustained during the incident.

Video footage from the incident shows the man engaging with police officers, during which he calls them racist since they are “with the Jews.”


It turns out that this was far from the suspect’s first offense. Previous charges on his record include assault, robbery, fraud and more. He has been arrested at least 7 other times in the past.

He now faces new charges, which include felony assault as a hate crime and resisting arrest.

This incident comes amid a worrying string of Anti-Semitic attacks across New York City, which erupted during the most recent round of fighting between Gaza and Israel.

The NYPD has done their part by dramatically stepping up their presence in Jewish neighboroods across the city.

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