Watch: Belz Chasidim Celebrate Wedding Of Admor’s Grandson


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Thousands of Belz chasidim celebrated Tuesday night the wedding of the rebbe’s grandson R’ Dovid Rokach, a son of his only son Rabbi Aharon Rokach. The wedding took place at the Arena stadium in south Jerusalem

R’ David is the seventh grandchild and fifth grandson of the rebbe to be married. His bride, Breina Freida, is the daughter of Rabbi Baruch Zeev Feder, a leader of the Belz community in Givat Zeev. She is also the granddaughter of Rabbi Aharon Direnfeld, the rosh yeshiva of the Belz preparatory yeshiva.

The reception took place in the Belz shul in Kiryas Belz, Jerusalem and then the chupah also took place there. Thousands of Belz yeshiva students travelled directly to the stadium and watched the chupah on a live feed and the rest of the chasidim joined them there afterwards.

The Admorim of Vizhitz, Boyan and Kretchinoff were honored with brachos as well as Rabbi Ernster the Vizhnitz rosh yeshiva, the grandfather Rabbi Direnfeld and the Chasan’s maternal grandfather the leader of the Makova dynasty.

The Belzer rebbe arrived at the stadium at 12:15 AM and the chasidim celebrated with him until after 4 AM when the Mitzvah Tantz took place. The rebbe also studied mishnayos at one point in memory of the victims of the Meron disaster. Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef also attended the festivities.

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