British Court Rules To Take 2-Year-Old Jewish Child Off Life Support


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — A British High Court judge ruled last week that life support treatment for a seriously ill Jewish two-year-old can be withdrawn since it is “in her best interests.” Her parents said that they are opposed to the move on religious grounds as it would lead to her death. They wish instead to take her to Israel for medical treatment.

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Alta Fixsler was placed in palliative care because she cannot breather or eat without medical assistance, and Judge Alistair Macdonald ruled that due to her brain damage, she has “no prospect of recovery” and therefore the treatment “sustaining her precious life” should be withdrawn.

The family’s barrister, Victoria Butler-Cole, said that they “implored the [hospital] trust to reconsider their position” and allow them to take their daughter to a hospital in Israel which “shares their religious beliefs and ethical framework.”

However, MacDonald ruled that that although the “parents cannot be criticized for having reached a different decision informed by the religious laws that govern their way of life, when applying the secular legal principles that I must… I cannot agree with their assessment and am required to act accordingly.” He added that taking Alta to Israel would cause her unnecessary discomfort.

A lawyer representing the family said they were “devastated” but were considering options for an appeal to the ruling.




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