Heshy Tischler Attacked In Front Of His Home In Boro Park


NEW YORK (VINnews) — Heshy Tischler says he was attacked in front of his home in Boro Park on Wednesady evening.

According to a video released by Tischler, he was attacked by two individuals.

Tischler says he was first threatened by a man belonging to the Black Lives Matter, who was previously known to him, having had been threatened by him at a rally this week.

After approaching Tischler, he knocked the phone out of his hand.

At that point, a second man exited a vehicle and punched Tischler in the face. Tischler identified this individual as a Spanish male.

Tischler says that while he was attacked, he did not strike back at his attackers.

Police arrived at the scene and took a report. They are seeking the two suspects.



One of the individuals that attacked Tischler

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