Israel Elected To UN Economic And Social Council (ECOSOC) For First Time


NEW YORK (VINnews) — Israel was elected for the first time Monday to the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), garnering 154 votes, more than two-thirds of UN member states. The council, which deals with issues of economics, sustainable development, environment and social affairs, is one of the three major bodies which form the UN.

“Choosing Israel to serve on ECOSOC is a recognition of our innovation and creativity, which serves to benefit all nations of the world, as well as evidence of our diplomatic efforts throughout the international community,” said Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan following the vote. “I will continue to lead the State of Israel to further achievements and to expand cooperation efforts at the UN, despite efforts by the Palestinians and their supporters.”

Seats on the ECOSOC are allocated on the basis of geographical representation, with 14 seats for African states, 13 to Western Europe, 11 to Asia-Pacific states, 10 to Latin American and Caribbean states and six to Eastern European states. Nations are elected to the body for three-year overlapping terms. In total, 18 new states were elected this week to the ECOSOC, to begin their terms on January 1, 2022, reported The Times of Israel.

Erdan remarked that Israel’s elevation to the council showed that it was a worthy addition and stressed that the appointment was despite a determined diplomatic effort on behalf of the Palestinians and their supporters to ostracize the Jewish state in the wake of the recent conflict with Hamas. The Palestinians did succeed in persuading the UN Human Rights Council to investigate Israel’s alleged human rights violations during the Guardian of the Walls campaign.


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