President Rivlin Asks Prince Charles To Intervene For 2-Year-Old Chareidi Girl On Life Support


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Israeli President Reuven Rivlin has asked Britain’s Prince Charles to intervene on behalf of Alte Fixsler, a 2-year-old Chareidi child from London who is on life support. Last week a British court ruled that the hospital can take Fixsler, who is in palliative care because she cannot breathe or eat without medical assistance, off life support, despite her parents requesting to continue her treatment in Israel. Fixsler is an Israeli citizen and Rivlin, who has a warm relationship with the prince since he visited Israel in January 2020, asked him to use his influence to sway the hospital from their plans.

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“I am referring to you on an urgent humanitarian matter,” Rivlin wrote. “The ruling of the Supreme Court which was issued recently regarding 2-year-old Alte Fixsler of Manchester authorized doctors to cease life-saving treatment. Her parents request to bring her to Israel. Their religious beliefs directly oppose ceasing medical treatment that could extend her life, and [they] have made arrangements for her safe transfer and continued treatment in Israel,” he wrote.

“I know that the facts were placed before Her Majesty’s government but I feel that the unique circumstances justify my personal intervention. It would be a tragedy if it were not possible to accede to her parents request in a way which respects both the law and their religious beliefs.”

Alta experienced a brain injury at birth and is unable to eat, drink or breathe without medical assistance. She is connected to a ventilator at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

Alte’s father Avraham described the difficulties the family is coping with and requested help from Israel: “This is simply a death sentence. It should disturb every Jewish person and everyone who could help should help. I beg from all my heart: Help us save our daughter. I say this with tears in my eyes.”


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