Satmar Aronim Flip-Flop in Williamsburg, Endorsing Adams For Mayor


BROOKLYN (VINnews/Sandy Eller) – Two weeks after a rare display of unity in Satmar, which wholeheartedly threw its support behind Andrew Yang in the June 22nd primary, Williamsburg’s Aronim faction has broken ranks and reversed direction, publicly endorsing Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams as their first choice for mayor.

The change was announced after midnight last night, reported The Forward ( An ad on the front page of the Wednesday edition of Der Blatt showed a photograph of Adams meeting with Satmar leaders in Williamsburg, calling on readers to vote for Adams out of recognition of his long friendship with the local community, ranking Yang as their second choice.

A source within the Williamsburg community told VIN News that the change affected only Satmar’s Aronim. According to the source, the many Chasidic factions in Williamsburg and Boro Park, including Boro Park’s Satmar Aronim, who had previously named Yang as their first pick and Adams as their second in the ranked choice election, had not changed their endorsement and were still supporting Yang as their first choice candidate.

A spokesperson from the Yang campaign was not immediately available to comment on the matter.

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