WATCH: Jerusalem Post’s Ruthie Blum Reveals The Truth Behind The New Israeli Coalition Government

Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid (L), Yamina leader Naftali Bennett (C) and Ra'am leader Mansour Abbas sign a coalition agreement on June 2, 2021 (Courtesy of Ra'am)

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — As we speak today, the new Government coalition of the Israeli right, centrists, and the anti-Zionist Arab parties have yet to become official.

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Alan and Baila from the VINnews podcast ‘The Definitive Rap’ sat down with Jposts’ Ruthie Blum, who explained in great detail why the new proposed coalition between ideologically opposed parties will not alter much compared to previous Netanyahu-led Governments. Most of the vital ministry portfolios will remain in Conservative hands. She believes that Mansour Abbas, leader of the Islamist Ra’am Party, is, at least in part, more concerned about the daily lives of Israeli Arabs than in trying to bring the collapse of the Jewish state, but only time will tell.

Love him or hate him, or maybe just tired of him, Bibi Netanyahu has been the longest serving Prime Minister in Israel’s history. First elected in 1996, following the disastrous Oslo Accords, was the first time we saw a shift from the Democrats to destabilize an Israeli Government. In his book, The Missing Peace, Dennis Ross wrote extensively how the Clinton Administration did everything in their power to prevent a Bibi victory, which included promising to release Jonathan Pollard to help Shimon Peres get elected. During Bibi’s first term, Clinton’s team, which included Rahm Emmanuel, Martin Indyk, Jeremy Ben Ami, and other Jewish leftists ignored all of Yasser Arafat’s violations of the Oslo Accords while doing everything to frustrate Netanyahu’s Government. This anti-Bibi movement in the Democrat Party continued throughout the Obama Administration.

In Israel, there are many reasons why Bibi struggled to put together a coalition in 4 elections over a 2-year period. As much as Bibi succeeded in building up Israel on the world stage, he, like any man and any politician, he had his shortcomings, and his undoing was probably self-inflicted.

What we have now is a pre-engagement proposition between parties who have nothing in common with each other, and in any other election, they would be telling voters how dangerous the other parties are. The ONLY thing that unites them today is their hatred for Bibi.

Once an agreement is signed between the different parties, we will see which leaders capitulate to the others. If this fragile coalition cannot withstand their differences, which is a real possibility, then the government will collapse, leading to a 5th election.

Alan Skorski has been a political activist for almost 40 years. He authored 2 books; Pants on Fire: How Al Franken Lies, Smears, and Deceives and Israel Betrayed: How the Democrats, J Street, and Jewish Left Have Undermined Israel. He has appeared on Fox News, MSNBC, Newsmax, and C-Span.

Baila Sebrow is a journalist, inspirational international speaker, and 5TJT columnist who also hosted numerous radio and Cable TV shows, including Insight/Israel. She is the Founder and President of Neshoma Advocates, Inc., servicing children and families at-risk. Baila is also an acclaimed matchmaker and relationship coach, and president of Baila Sebrow Events, LLC. She has been been featured in various publications, including The New York Times.

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Educated Archy
Educated Archy
2 years ago

You mean Clinton mingled into foreign affairs? Impeach him for collusion and trying to influence the outcome of a sovereign nations political process . It’s a threat to democracy

2 years ago

Trying to blame Clinton 20 years ago and ‘leftist’Dems for Bibi’s crookedness and failures to get a clear majority in Knesset, or any concessions from the palees is as imbecilic as nominating trumpf for the Nobel Prize for his phony ‘deal of the century’.