Google Worker Who Admitted Hating Jews Previously Forced To Leave Company


NEW YORK (VINnews) — A senior executive at Google has been terminated after he published a manifesto in which he admitted that he had been an anti-Semite but claimed to have changed his opinions.

Amr Awadallah, who was vice president of developer relations at Google Cloud, had joined the company in 2019. Recently he published a 10,000-word manifesto on LinkedIn stating that “I hated the Jewish people, all the Jewish people! and emphasis here is on the past tense.”

Awadallah immediately stressed that “I acknowledge that prejudice, and especially hateful prejudice, is a vile philosophy that should be eradicated from our society. And by that, I specifically mean “irrational hate towards an entire class of people because of their affiliation to that class”.

Awadallah goes on to criticize Israeli policies towards Palestinians as being tainted by prejudice, citing numerous examples for his thesis.

In the manifesto, entitled “We are One”, Awadallah lists all the Jews he knows who he said are good people. He also admits that after genetic testing he discovered that he is “0.1 percent Ashkenazi Jewish”, a fact which he emphasized in boldface font.

Google were apparently unimpressed by Awadallah’s confession and decided to release him immediately.

The manifesto disturbed some of Awadallah’s former colleagues, including Daniel Golding, a Google director of network infrastructure and tech site lead.

“On one hand, I’m grateful that you not longer hate my children,” he wrote in a LinkedIn comment on Awadallah’s post. “On the other, this has made my job as one of your colleagues much harder. The previous situation has made being a Jewish leader at Google tough. This has made it almost untenable.”

“I’m unsure why you would write this under your title and company affiliation and it frustrates me. You could simply have done this as a private person,” he added.

Last month, Google reassigned Kamau Bobb, the company’s former diversity chief, after a 2007 blog post surfaced in which he wrote that Jews have “an insatiable appetite for war and killing” — and an “insensitivity” to people’s suffering.

Representatives for Google have not returned multiple requests for comment on how or whether the company vets potential employees for hateful views during the hiring process.

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