Watch: A Bonei Olam Bar Mitzvah



Bonei Olam is unique. Yes, you help a couple in pain right now. But you also give eternity. A child, a Jewish neshama that will go on to do mitzvos and to be’ezras Hashem create a family of their own.

Watch this incredible video of Mr .and Mrs. Daniel Fleischer. The Bar Mitzvah of a Bonei Olam baby.

Bonei Olam funds hundreds of treatments each year, runs labs around the world, conducts research in infertility and genetics, and much more. Our budget in 2021 is $14 million. The number is hard to fathom. Usually, we spend the entire year fundraising because every month arrives with over a million dollars in expenses to cover.

The downside is that Rabbi Bochner is always busy fundraising for our couples instead of focusing on the couples, programs, and new ideas. By giving generously today, not only are you sending couples for treatment and investing in research that could help many more couples, you are also allowing Rabbi Bochner to be there for our couples in their most vulnerable time. You are letting him focus on new programs and getting them off the ground. You are letting Bonei Olam scale to help more and more people.

Please donate generously now. Your money will go much further today.


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