WATCH: NYC Mayor Says He Will Boycott Ben & Jerry’s Over Israel Ban

FILE: Mayor de Blasio gets ice cream (photo: Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office)

BROOKLYN (VINnews) – Fallout from Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream announcement that they will no longer sell products in Judea and Samaria continued Tuesday, with kosher supermarkets in the tri-state area have announcing they will no longer stock the products, and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio suggesting he may boycott the company as well.

“I can say I will not be eating any more Cherry Garcia for a while,” the mayor said at his press conference Tuesday morning, citing a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor, in response to a question by Hamodia reporter Reuven Borchardt. “BDS is a movement that will undermine peace in the Mid East. It’s as simple as that. You cannot have peace if you undermine the economic reality &create division. I just believe that’s absolutely the wrong….”

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