14-Year-Old Daughter Of Belz Family In Manchester Killed In Road Accident, 2 Others Seriously Injured


NEW YORK (VINnews) — In a terrible road accident which occurred in Scotland, three members of a chareidi family from Manchester, England were badly injured. A 14-year-old girl passed away from her injuries in hospital and the mother and son are fighting for their lives.

The accident occurred on the main M74 road in Scotland, about 2 hours from the family’s home. Three helicopters landed on the road to take the injured persons to different hospitals. The road was closed for over two hours according to witnesses as ambulances and emergency personnel rushed to the scene.

The father and husband of the injured persons, Rabbi Mordechai Ze’ev Grosskopf, a member of the Belz community in Manchester, told a friend that a truck had rammed into their car and requested that people pray for his family: “They are in very bad condition, each of them, please pray for their recovery, they need Heavenly mercy.”

The mother’s name is Rus Sarah Bas Chana and the son is Yosef Avraham Ben Rus Sarah. The daughter Toibe z’l unfortunately passed away in hospital.

The Belz community in Manchester made a special Tehillim vigil Wednesday night to pray for the recovery of the injured persons.

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