North Miami Beach Community Left In Shock After Death Of Father Of 7


The day before Hershel Basher a”h left this world, he could be seen making his rounds with his car full of freshly baked goods, homemade by his dear wife Josephine. He was delivering them around the neighborhood, his family’s personal participation in local simchas—shalom zachars to be held that night, a Shabbos kallah the next day—and their way of welcoming new families who just moved into town. This was a common way Herschel was spotted, delivering goodies to celebrate people’s big moments.

To know the Basher Family is to know what giving means. The hundreds of meal-trains, the countless acts of chesed, and the constant support for others, are legendary. Hershel went about this in the most plain and unassuming way; you could see that he breathed chesed, and that chesed is who he was. And Hershel cared for his family in the most beautiful and endless way. The pure love and devotion he showed to his beloved wife and to all of his precious children were the very epitome of what it means to be a family man. Hershel would do anything for his family.


Words are not big enough, not deep enough, to express the dizzying shock and heartbreak we all feel now in the wake of this tragic loss. But now is a time of action. Hershel and his family always put the community first, to a degree that defies comprehension. It is now our turn, as a community, to be on the frontlines to ensure the financial stability of this beautiful and remarkable family.

In this painful and uncertain time, let us help alleviate the family’s worry by giving generously and with an open hand. As they process this tragic loss, let us step up and be their for them, as Hershel and his family have been there for us so many times.


This campaign has the direct endorsement of Rabbi Yosef Marlow, Rav of North Miami Beach.

The family fund will be overseen by the following committee:

Rabbi Yosef Marlow

Itchik Brody

Chaim Druin

Yehuda Kaploun

Yitzie Lebensburger

Avrohom Nosson Roth

Zusha Tenenbaum


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