WATCH: Yesha Council CEO Yigal Dilmoni: How US Jews & Kof-K Should Respond To Ben & Jerry’s Boycott Of Israel


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Since July 19, no story has been more dominant in the Jewish world than the announcement by the Board of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, to boycott the Israeli “occupied territories” next year.

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In America, the largest Kosher stores immediately terminated all purchases from their Ben and Jerry’s distributors. Non-Kosher stores like Morton’s and Garistedes have reduced their freezer space for this ice cream brand.

State Houses in 35 states, including New York, NJ, IL, TX, OK, and FL, have threatened to terminate all contracts with Unilever, the parent company of BJ’s ice cream, as well as divest from all their pension funds.

Susannah Levin, a graphic designer for BJ’s ice cream announced that she was quitting her position in protest their “despicable trend of anti Zionism.”

Since the backlash for this decision started to build up, the Ben & Jerry’s Board director Anurdha Mittal, adamantly denied she was antisemitic. Even the original two owners of Ben & Jerry’s, Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen (who are Jewish), wrote an op-ed in the NY Times, denying they were antisemitic, but “proud Jews who support Israel,” and that opposing some Israeli policies is NOT tantamount to anti-semitism.

Today, Alan and Baila from the VINnews podcast ‘The Definitive Rap’ sat down with Yigal Dilmoni, who represents Judea and Samaria in Israel, the VERY part of Israel targeted by the anti-semitic Left, to tell us how he and the Israeli distributor of Ben & Jerry’s have responded, why the ice-cream distribution in Israel is NOT the same as in America, and hopefully, can tell us about his discussions with US groups, including the KOf-K Kosher certification.

Alan Skorski has been a political activist for almost 40 years. He authored 2 books; Pants on Fire: How Al Franken Lies, Smears, and Deceives and Israel Betrayed: How the Democrats, J Street, and Jewish Left Have Undermined Israel. He has appeared on Fox News, MSNBC, Newsmax, and C-Span.

Baila Sebrow is a journalist, inspirational international speaker, and 5TJT columnist who also hosted numerous radio and Cable TV shows, including Insight/Israel. She is the Founder and President of Neshoma Advocates, Inc., servicing children and families at-risk. Baila is also an acclaimed matchmaker and relationship coach, and president of Baila Sebrow Events, LLC. She has been been featured in various publications, including The New York Times.

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would like to know
would like to know
2 years ago

Can we get a synopsis? I don’t have time to watch a 38 minute report.
Would appreciate it.

Not Surprised
Not Surprised
2 years ago

Baila, relax that New Yuahk drawl and don’t speak so close to the microphone.

Last edited 2 years ago by
2 years ago

“Since July 19, no story has been more dominant in the Jewish world than the announcement by the Board of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, to boycott the Israeli “occupied territories” next year.”

This is only a big deal for Zionist Jews, not for non-Zionist Jews.

Unless B&J boycotts the internationally-recognized portions of the Zionist State of Israel, it is simply false to refer to B&J’s decision to not service the “territories” as a boycott of the State of Israel.

Either way, this is simply Zionism, nothing more.