Despite Statement From Ger, Rockland County Spokeperson Confirms Wedding At RCC Is Cancelled


NEW YORK (VINnews) — A massive Gerrer wedding that was expected to draw a crowd in the thousands was cast into doubt after media reports circulated on Thursday that the event was cancelled.

The wedding was initially planned to take place at Bell Works arena in New Jersey, but was later changed to Rockland Community College due to logistical reasons.

On Thursday, lohud reported that RCC was cancelling all large-scale events and venues, due to concerns ralated to the spread of the delta variant.

“It seems that the Rockland County health commissioner has advised the college to refrain from large-scale events given the increase in cases and the dangers associated with the Delta variant,” said college spokesperson Risa Hoag.

“So, effective immediately, RCC is suspending all fieldhouse rentals for the next 60 days and they will reconsider rentals after the suspension period based on the health and safety circumstances at that time,” Hoag continued.

This would indicate that the wedding would not take place at the college.

Later, a statement was provided to VINnews, allegedly from one of the wedding organizers, indicating that the event is scheduled to go on at RCC as planned.

The statement read as follows:

“The chasunah will, be’ezras Hashem, take place at RCC. Most of the permits are in hand, and the remainder are in the process of being granted,” he said.

“The entire community is invited to participate in the Simcha,” he added with a smile.

However, Rockland County Spokesperson John Lyon released a statement later in the day that confirmed the original report.

The statement from Lyon reads as follows:

“Rockland County Government was notified about the Rockland Community College event yesterday, and we set up a phone call discussion between RCC staff, the Department of Health (including County Commissioner of Health Dr. Ruppert), the County Attorney and the County Executive and members of his staff yesterday afternoon.

During the call significant concerns were raised about holding any type of large-scale event given the recent increases in local active COVID-19 cases and the presence of the Delta variant in Rockland.

We agree with the decision made by Rockland Community College to refrain from large-scale events for the next 60 days and appreciate this decision being made to protect the public health.”

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