INSPIRING: Listen To Victor Shine Recount His Emotional Story Of Finding Yosef Shapiro


BROOKLYN (VINnews) — Now that Yosef Shapiro has been safely reunited with his family, it is time to shine a spotlight on some of the key events leading to his rescue.

A Brooklyn community member by the name of Victor Shine was the one who was out near the beach and heard Yosef call out, prompting him to call for backup, after which Yosef was found.

In a voicenote making its rounds Thursday morning, Victor says that he initially was not going to go out searching.

“I was debating whether I should go,” Victor said. “It was overcast, I’m an older guy, what difference could I make etc.”

But then, Victor said, he thought about his 6-year-old grandson, and had a realization. If God forbid it was his grandson missing, he would want every single individual out there searching. So he went down to the search site.

Victor describes arriving at the scene, and seeing hundreds of people standing there, willing to search but awaiting instructions. But he didn’t want to wait any longher, so he switched on his phone flashlight, and began to search.

He describes walking under the bridge by the Belt Parkway, up and down the beach, calling out “Yosef Yosef! Come, we have pizza and ice cream for you! We’re looking for you!”

Initially there was no answer. And after an hour and a half of searching, he started to doubt whether he still belonged out there, due to his own health.

But as he turned back, he noticed a dirt path. So he turned onto the dirt path and called out again, and it was at that moment that he heard a child’s voice call out “Ta” from the darkness.

Immediately a younger search volunteer rushed off into the marsh to try to search more closely, while Victor phoned Deputy Inspector Richie Taylor, a frum high ranking NYPD official who was running the search.

When he finally got through, Taylor sent out a few ATVs and big truck with a bright light.

Minutes later, Yosef was found safe.

The main takeaway for Victor, he says, is how one person can make difference.

“Who am I, I’m some old 56-year-old guy,” said victor jokingly, “and it apparently made a difference right when they were giving up hope, right when the sun was already set and the rain started coming down, eliminating any trail. You just keep going, you just do, and don’t worry about looking stupid, or feeling stupid, you just do.”

“And I’m so thankful that I got to be part of this story, and I’m thankful he’s ok, and his family is ok, and Klal Yisroel is going to be ok.”



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