Sister Of Cable Car Victim Tal Biran Claims 5-Year-Old Lone Survivor ‘Held Hostage’ By Italian Aunt


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — A sharp dispute has broken out between the family of Tal Biran, who died in a cable car accident in Italy together with her husband Amit, son Tom and grandparents, and the sister of Amit who took guardianship over the only survivor of the accident, 5-year-old Eitan.

Tal Biran’s sister Gali Peleg and her husband Ron Peri claim that Tal wished her children to grow up in Israel and to receive a Jewish education and therefore they should be allowed to adopt their nephew and bring him up in Israel. However Aya Biran, sister of the deceased Amit, has now received official guardianship and wishes to raise Eitan in Italy with her own family.

“We have begun a judicial procedure in Israel for Gali and Ron,” said Attorney Ronen Daliyahu representing the couple. “Three months ago the Peleg family suffered a terrible tragedy. Eitan was transferred to his aunt Aya for treatment and since then he has not been allowed a proper, stable association with his family. He is being held like a hostage and his aunt has taken control of his body and soul literally in order to keep him in Italy.”

Gali Peleg, Tal Biran’s sister, said during a press conference Wednesday that “we stopped our lives for one goal -Eitan. Eitan has been kidnapped by a family which had no connection to him in any way. We don’t intend to disappear, they won’t make us disappear. Eitan lost one family, he doesn’t need to lose another one. We didn’t see any neutral officials examining Eitan’s physical and emotional health. He is just a boy. If Aya wants she can take the money which would serve Eitan until he is 18.”

Ron Peri said that “I didn’t know of the existence of Aya until a few years ago. She has no acquaintance with the boy. I can only imagine that at the end of the procedure he will be entitled to a large sum of money and this may be the reason.”

Maariv reports that Peri added: “We have the ability, the resources, we have the Jewish heart to give him the best life he could receive. When Eitan was in hospital, Aya came to Shmulik, father of Tal and grandfather of Eitan and told him that Eitan needs a guardian immediately. They agreed that since she is a doctor and understands the local language, she would take upon herself the guardianship which would be temporary. After Shmulik participated in the funerals, he went back to Italy and found that the guardianship would become permanent if not challenged within ten days. Aya’s family refused to come to court and say that the guardianship was temporary and since then we are in this mess. We don’t want to find ourselves with a child going to a Catholic school. We want him to celebrate Jewish festivals and not Christmas.”


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