BDE: Admor Of Lizhensk-Boro Park Passes Away At Age 81


NEW YORK (VINnews) — Rabbi Meir Leifer, who was known as the Lizhensk-Boro Park Rebbe, passed away just before Shabbos at the age of 81.

Rabbi Leifer was born to Rabbi Yissocher Ber Leifer, the Admor of Nadvorna-Bania, in Bania, Romania in 1940. The family are direct descendants of Rabbi Mordechai of Nadvorna and Rabbi Meir of Premishlan. His parents succeeded in escaping from Romania to Italy when he was a small child and then reached Williamsburg in Brooklyn where his father established his Beis Midrash. Rabbi Meir was sent to study in the Kashau yeshiva in Williamsburg, where he excelled in his studies and became close to the Kashau rebbe, Rabbi Refoel Blum Zts’l.

Rabbi Leifer married Devorna Mindel, the daughter of the Ostrovtse Rebbe and established the Noam Elimelech Beis Midrash in Boro Park where he led his community for over 30 years. Rabbi Leifer was very meticulous that there be no speaking in the shul during prayers.

Rabbi Leifer’s children continue to follow in his path, one of his daughters married Rabbi Avraham Halevi Eisen, the Av Beis Din of the Pozna-Flatbush community and the president of the Shas Yidden Kollel network.

The funeral will be held at the Noam Elimelech Lizensk Beis Midrash in Boro Park at 10:45 on Sunday morning, after which the Aron will be flown to Israel for burial.

May his memory be blessed.


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