BDE: Two Chareidi Sisters From Prominent Antwerp Family Killed In Road Accident


NEW YORK (VINnews) — In a tragic incident which occurred in Antwerp Tuesday morning, a truck ran over and killed two chareidi sisters while reversing near a crosswalk.

The two girls aged 9 and 1, who are members of a prominent family of Ger chasidim residing in Antwerp, were crossing the street on their scooter at a pedestrian crosswalk when the truck reversed into them. The scooter they were riding was a traditional non-motorised scooter. Antwerp Police report that accident happened at the junction of the Lange Leemstraat with the Sint-Vincentiusstraat.

Hatzalah volunteers who were summoned to the scene were forced to declare the two girls dead and the entire area, which is at the center of the Jewish district in Antwerp, was closed to traffic while police are investigating the shocking accident, which has shaken the entire local Jewish community. The driver of the truck involved in the accident has been taken to hospital suffering from shock.

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