PM Bennett Calls Father Of Wounded Soldier, Mistakes Soldier’s Name. Father: ‘Coward, Do Something’

Barel Shmueli, soldier injured on Saturday in clash with terrorists at Gaza border

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Prime Minister Bennett called the father of critically injured soldier Barel Shmueli but the content of the conversation which leaked to social media caused an uproar.

Yossi, Barel’s father, spoke in tears with the prime minister and asked him why there were such failures. [Barel was shot on Saturday via a hole in the border fence at point-blank range. ]. He also criticized the lack of response on Israel’s side. “What are you afraid of? Don’t you know how to take decisions? Wake up!” Shmueli said. “Are you afraid of Abbas? You are a coward, do something,” he said.

Clip shows Palestinian shooting at Israeli snipers behind border, critically wounding Barel Shmueli

Bennett did not respond to the attack but said: “I want to know where Yossi is hospitalized,” mistaking the soldier’s name and place of hospitalization, which was publicized on all news sites. Yossi immediately corrected the prime minister and added: “Go visit your soldier, dear prime minister, soon you will forget him. Our kids are falling, wake up, take responsibility.”

Barel’s mother Nitza sharply criticized the prime minister for his behavior and said that “Binyamin Netanyahu called at 12 AM, asked questions, gave his blessing and cried with us on the telephone. He knew everything about our soldier. Mr. Bennett called at 10:30 PM but didn’t even know the name of the soldier – he even asked where he was hospitalized. This is a shame and disgrace.”

Nitza expressed her anger over the incident and said that soldiers are sent to dangerous places without being able to act. “He fought with his body, soul and life blood for nothing. The state isn’t worth anything, I’m not getting answers from them. A 12-year-old terrorist shot him at point-blank range knowing full well that our fighters cannot shoot and respond. Why did they send my son? Why? I want an answer.”

Shmueli said that her son had undergone a 9-hour operation on his head and eyes. “He has one eye left. We’re praying for a miracle.”

In the meantime hundreds of people gathered for Slichos according to Sephardic tradition  outside Soroka hospital where Barel is hospitalized in order to pray for him and give him more merits. Barel has been given the additional name Yihya.

Barel’s comrades in arms gathered near his bed to sing prayers for him as well:


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