11 Israeli Chasidim Suffer From Symptoms Of Food Poisoning In Mezhibozh, Ukraine


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In the wake of the food poisoning outbreak among the Vizhnitz-Boro Park chasidim who returned this week from a visit to Mezhibozh in the Ukraine, an additional 11 chasidic youths visiting from Israel are reportedly suffering from similar symptoms of salmonella poisoning.

The youths, from a prominent chasidic yeshiva in Jerusalem, were suffering from stomach upsets and vomiting, according to B’Chadrei Chareidim. A number were running very high fevers- 42ºC (108ºF) and the yeshiva brought in local doctors to treat the bedridden youths.

The group from New York were hospitalized on arrival in the US and were also diagnosed as suffering from salmonella. The source of the salmonella poisoning was apparently a spoilt mayonnaise used in preparing the meals at the Mezhibozh site. After they were treated and released from hospital, they were rehospitalized Wednesday after their bloodwork showed abnormalities typical of infection. All the group are in stable condition.

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