Watch: PM Bennett Meets With Biden, Attends Kabolas Shabbos Ceremony In Washington Hotel


NEW YORK (VINnews) — Due to the meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and President Biden being delayed from Thursday to Friday after the attack in Kabul, the Israeli prime minister could not return to Israel in time for Shabbos. Local Chabad representatives in Washington managed to set up a makeshift synagogue in the Prime Minister’s hotel complete with a Sefer Torah and Bennett was able to spend Shabbos there after his meeting with President Biden, which focused on the mutual goals of Israel and the US regarding Iran. During Bennett’s presentation after the meeting, Biden appeared at one point to be dozing.

Prior to Shabbos Bennett gave a Dvar Torah to journalists in which he described his view on responsibility, explaining the difference betwen David and Shaul’s actions regarding their sins as stemming from David’s sense of personal responsibility as a leader as opposed to Shaul who blamed others and did not take responsibility.

A clip from Kabolas Shabbos at the hotel (taken before the onset of Shabbos)


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