Watch: Avraham Fried Comes To Entertain And Inspire Nachal Chareidi IDF Unit


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Avraham Fried paid a visit to the Nachal Chareidi army base at Latrun and entertained members of the Chareidi unit with some of his moving tunes, including the iconic Aba Melech Ha’Olam tune which is particularly suited to soldiers and to the time of the year as the lyrics state that Hashem is always watching over us and loves us : “in wars He guards us, in hiding He is there with us, our Father is king of the world…time and again You forgive, only to You can I once again run- Father, Tatte!”

Fried wore the military beret of the Kfir brigade and succeeded in rousing the soldiers into singing with him joyously. The evening was sponsored by the philanthropist David Hager.

A few months ago the same unit finished Maseches Megilla and held a joyous Siyum together:


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