Bride Uninvites Doctor And Close Friend To Her Wedding Because ‘She Treats COVID Patients’


NEW YORK (VINnews) — Dr. Emily Long was waiting impatiently for her close friend’s wedding. Despite the wedding taking place in Texas, requiring a long flight as well as finding local accommodation, Dr. Long was not deterred. After working exhaustingly long shifts in the coronavirus department, the wedding held promise of being a welcome break from her rigorous schedule.

Dr. Long bought her tickets, found a suitable gift as well as festive clothing, all of which cost her a significant amount of money. At the last moment before she was due to fly out, Dr. Long was abruptly uninvited. The reason? She revealed to the bride that she had been working in a coronavirus department.

Later she described her deflated feeling in a Tiktok clip which garnered over 4 million hits and 555,000 likes:

She began: “Tell me about a time you were uninvited from something because you work in the hospital during a pandemic. I’ll go first…

“So tomorrow I was supposed to fly out straight from a 28-hour shift to attend one of my best friend’s wedding events that I spent thousands of dollars on and took my vacation time, which is very limited, to attend.”

She explained further: “And when I texted her this morning to let her know that I was being tested and taking all these precautions before I flew in an attempt to make her feel comfortable, she totally freaked out when she found out that I take care of sick people.

“Who would have thought that a doctor takes care of sick people? I don’t know,” Dr. Long added sarcastically.

“So I was uninvited because I made her and other people I guess, feel uncomfortable.

“Anyway, I bought a non-refundable plane ticket to Texas tomorrow so if anyone wants to hang, let me know,” Dr. Emily added.

The post triggered a huge number of sympathetic responses, with many commenters decrying the bride for having a large wedding with numerous guests but at the same time being worried about one person simply because they treat sick people.

“She [is] having a big wedding and then is worried about you? Oh no honey,” wrote one commenter.

Another person wrote: “You need a new friend sis.”

Dr. Emily herself responded to the comments, stating that  “Two negative PCR tests and the knowledge that I would NEVER put anyone I care about at risk simply aren’t enough in these crazy times.”



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