WATCH: What a Miracle, As Israeli Residential Apartment Building Collapses A Day After It Was Evacuated

The scene of a building collapse in Holon, September 12, 2021. Photo by Flash90 *** Local Caption *** áðééï ãéøä ðôìä ÷øñä ðôìå ôöåòéí çåìåï

HOLON, ISRAEL (VINnews) – A residential building in Holon collapsed on Sunday morning, a day after the Fire and Rescue Services evacuated 16 families out of concern it was unsafe.

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The collapse occurred on Yosef Serlin Street in the city of Holon, near Tel Aviv.

On Saturday, police and firefighters evacuated residents after city engineers who evaluated the building’s structural integrity raised concerns about its safety, warning of a possible collapse.

Images showed cracks on the walls of the building and police said residents were unable to open the front doors of their apartments.

Thanks to the evacuation on Saturday, no deaths or injuries were reported Sunday. “Experts estimate that the quick evacuation of the building yesterday saved 36 families from a terrible tragedy.”

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