Treat Your Skin to a Customized Routine

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One of the most memorable parts about being alive is knowing that no one else in the world is quite like you.


In a world full of billions upon billions of people, there is only one person who has your unique DNA, skin, thoughts, dreams, and life.


And as the world continues to evolve, celebrating uniqueness in individuality is becoming more and more widespread.


With innovative and forward-thinking skincare companies like Atolla, your skincare routine can now truly be customized for you individually as well.


For many years prior, our only option for a skincare routine was to select from the generic skincare products that took up an entire aisle in the grocery store. While it was great to have so many options, it was equally frustrating to guess which of the hundreds of branded labels would best suit your skin and your skincare goals.


But now, we are blessed with the ability to create a customized skincare routine using products formulated specifically for us as individuals. And to show you how easy it is to treat your skin to a customized routine, we’ve outlined the simple steps you can take.


Step 1: Understand Your Skin

The first step in any journey is to understand where you are currently at. This includes understanding where your skin’s health is right now, along with recognizing the parts of your skin’s health you want to focus on enhancing. To understand your skin, you can do a simple skin assessment at home. This will include an oil test, a moisture test, and a pH test by wiping three different strips on your skin. You will then reference the guide to see which colors match your strip, indicating where your skin’s health is currently at. From there you will be given recommendations on the type of skincare routine you need and what formula your skincare products should follow.


Step 2: Test Out your Skincare Products

Once you receive your skincare products, you next need to test them during your skincare routine to ensure they work for you. With a thirty-day guarantee that comes with each of your skincare products, you will be able to test them out and monitor your results. If they are not the results you want, you can send the products back and have new ones formulated for you.


Step 3: Sign Up for a Subscription

After you are confident in the skincare products your skin needs, you can sign up for a subscription plan so you can quicklyformulate new ones get access to re-fills of all the products before you run out. With the subscription skin care plan, you will decide when you want new products delivered and never have to stress about running out.


Step 4: Assess and Adapt Your Lifestyle

To further support your customized skincare routine, you should also adapt your lifestyle to help, your skin goals fully. This means drinking plenty of water throughout the day, eating minimallyquickly formulate processed and sugary foods, getting your daily dose of exercise, and taking time to de-stress. Doing this will further support the results you see from your skincare routine.


Step 5: Check-In with the Experts

It is important to remember that no skincare routine is ever set in stone. Just as you continually change and evolve, so will your skin. By checking in with your skin experts for virtual calls, they can assess how your progress is going, give recommendations for how to further enhance your routine, and suggest when it may be time to take a re-assessment of your skin test. And when it does come time to take another at-home skin test, you will be able to know when your formulas need adjusting to support where your skin is currently at.


Step 6: Adapt Your Skincare Products

The chances are that you will need to adapt the formulas of your customized skincare products at least a few months into your skincare routine. So after you get the results of your re-assessments, you will get fast access to updated formulas in the right quantity needed before the subsequent adjustment is predicted. Not only will this give you the confidence in a truly customized skincare routine, but it also help you create a sustainable routine that prevents any of your products from having to go to waste.


Treating your skin to a customized routine is easy to do and gets you the skincare results you have been dreaming of.  

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