Israel’s Special Grenades Save Life Of Commando In Jenin Firefight


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — During a firefight between Israeli commandos and terrorists in the village of Burqin near Jenin Sunday morning, five terrorists were killed but two of the commandos were seriously injured, with an investigation revealing that the soldiers had been hit by friendly fire. The investigation called for more coordination between various forces in order to prevent more incidents of friendly fire between them.

However another interesting detail emerged from the investigation. One of the bullets fired during the exchange of fire hit a grenade in the pouch of the squad commander. The grenade split in two but did not explode.

The reason for this is that the Israeli defense company Elbit has developed a special technology which prevents grenades from exploding if they are hit by shrapnel or bullets or are exposed to fire. The grenades can only explode if the safety lock is released and they are thrown on the ground. The special grenades are called “Eliraz” grenades in memory of Eliraz Peretz, (son of former Israeli presidential candidate Miriam Peretz) who was killed in March 2010 together with sergeant Ilan Sabiatkowski during a Gaza firefight with terrorists when a bullet struck a grenade in Peretz’s pouch and it exploded.

The grenades are produced at Kfar Idud, a special housing complex in Netanya for adults with learning disabilities. In addition to helping assemble a life-saving grenade,  the 60 residents also package medical products, carry out basketwork and do gardening work.

In 2012 the new grenades were incorporated into the IDF’s combat units and have undergone significant improvements over the years. During the 2014 Protective Edge campaign a number of soldiers were saved when bullets which struck their hand grenades did not cause the grenades to explode.

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