Watch: Rabbi Pinto Slams Vaccine Refusers Saying Opposition Stems From Satan


Los ANGELES (VINnews) – Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, head of the global organization Mosdos Shuva Israel, has called on his followers and listeners to get vaccinated against coronavirus, slamming those who refuse to do so and saying that their refusal leads to death.

“We got vaccinated,” he said at a class in Los Angeles. “We think that every person in this generation needs to go now and get a vaccine. And all the nonsense they say… What did they say once? ‘They want to put all sorts of things in people’s bodies.’ It’s such nonsense.”

“You should know, 80 years ago, when they found antibiotics, people were dying at age 50 from lung infections. And then they said, ‘Antibiotics will kill, and it’ll do this and that.’ What happened in the end? People live until the age of 87 because of antibiotics. When you take it, lung infections disappear as if they were nothing.

“People need to get vaccinated. We see every day that people who didn’t get vaccinated – die. Why be stubborn?”

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