In Honor Of Completion Of Beitzah, Egg Company Stamps ‘Hadran Alach’ On Eggs


JERUSALEM (VINnews) —In the coming week, Jews worldwide will celebrate the completion of Beitzah, a tractate in the Talmud Bavli which is being studied according to Daf Yomi, the 7-year cycle of study of a folio a day. The tractate opens with a discussion about eggs and deals with their halachic rules at length and an Israeli egg company decided to stamp a series of eggs in honor of the completion with the words Hadran Alach Maseches Beitzah (Lit. We shall return to you, tractate of Beitzah).

The company added the words -“Be strong and dedicated -from the chicken coops of Kedumim”, mentioning its name on the eggs. Tal Gilboa,  a member of the Kedumim farm, told Israeli radio show Kol B’Rama that “at the peak of the Jewish nation’s rejoicing [when tractates are completed], we hope to do something like this at more frequent intervals. We are truly happy together will all of the Jewish nation and hope to strengthen them as well as those who are studying Torah.”

Gilboa said that the goal was not to market his eggs but rather “to make Am Yisrael happy.” He said he had even received requests from New York to send some of the unique eggs there.

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