Eliyahu Kaufman z”l niftar from COVID


On Sukkos – R’ Eliyohu Kaufman tragically passed away, he was in his early 60’s and left a broken hearted widow and a young orphaned son. As a convert, the almana has no family or relatives who can help her, so we – Klal Yisroel – must be the ones to support her and make sure she has food to eat, clothing to wear, and her bills are payed.

We have no way to bring the husband / father back but it is our responsibility to provide them with their basic needs. DONATE NOW!

The Torah repeats the command to love the ger (convert) 28 times. Additionally, it’s a tremendous mitzvah to make widows and orphans happy and to take care of them. Therefore, by supporting this case we are fulfilling many positive commandments!

May we be spared any more pain or sorrow in our midst.

Tizku Lemitzvos  

Shimon HaKohein Kovalsky


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