Sefer Torah Written In Memory Of Pinchos Menachem Knoblewicz Z’l, Meron Victim Who Was Engaged To Be Married


NEW YORK (VINnews) — The family of Pinchos Menachem Knoblewicz Z’l, who died in the Meron tragedy half a year ago, decided to perpetuate his memory by donating a Sefer Torah on the day when he was supposed to get married. The moving ceremony of writing the final letters took place on Sunday in Boro Park’s 59th street, where Pinchas’s parents live. The Sefer Torah will be placed in the Yagdil Torah mechina in Boro Park.

At the request of Pinchos’s father, Rabbi Dovid Knoblewicz, the ceremony took place inside his home without parading the Torah through the streets as is the custom. The ceremony was attended by Rabbi Shlomo Chaim Rosmarin of Lakewood whose daughter was Pinchos’s fiancee. Lipa Schmeltzer sung special gramen he had composed for the occasion and the two fathers danced together. The family also attended a special siyum on Maseches Beitzah in the Daf Yomi in memory of Pinchos.

Pinchas, a 22-year-old student at the Mir yeshiva and a Gerer chasid, was buried in Jerusalem on Motzai Shabbos after the tragedy, and his parents did not manage to make the funeral. Hundreds of Gerer chasidim and others came to the funeral to pay their last respects to the budding young Torah scholar, who was supposed to have gotten married on Sunday, 4th of Marcheshvan.

Rabbi Elyakim Stark, the head of Pinchas’s chaburah (group) in the Mir yeshiva, said after Pinchos’s death  that he was a “student who sat and learned assiduously. He kept times, and even when he was engaged sat and studied the whole time. He was an exceptionally gentle person

“On the night of Lag Ba’Omer, a few hours before he passed away, he found another friend from his apartment. They spoke about a third friend in the apartment who was not yet engaged and decided to pray for him. Both went in to the cave of Rabbi Shimon and prayed for half an hour for their friend.”

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