Beit Shemesh: Chareidi Mother Of 9 Murdered By Mentally Unstable Son, Police Demand Autopsy


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — A chareidi mother of 9 from the Ramat Avraham neighborhood in Beit Shemesh was tragically murdered by her mentally unstable son on Friday morning.

Police arrived minutes after members of the family reported that a youth was attacking their mother. A 27-year-old son of the woman was arrested by police. Paramedics summoned to the apartment found the woman, 52-year-old Tamar Stern, with multiple stab wounds and declared her dead at the scene.

Crime scene investigators from the Jerusalem district also arrived at the scene and gathered evidence of the crime.

Initial reports state that the stabber, Shimon Stern, was mentally unstable and had recently been released from psychiatric hospital. The previous day he had come to a neighbor to ask for a cigarette and complained obsessively that his mother would not buy him cigarettes.

MDA medic Moshe Hillel said that “when we arrived on the scene we saw an unconscious woman in her fifties with signs of violence on her body. We treated her and performed resuscitation but the wounds were very serious and we were forced after a short time to declare her death.”

The family requested to bury the mother in accordance with Jewish law but police demanded that an autopsy be performed. A short time before Shabbat the Jerusalem Magistrates Court rejected the family’s request and authorized the autopsy. The court also extended by ten days the remand of Stern, who has allegedly admitted to the murder during interrogation and claimed that his mother abused him.

A family representative claimed in court that “we are opposed to the autopsy. We are religious people, there are witnesses and all that is required. We don’t feel that there is a need to desecrate the honor of the dead person. We will be happy if the court will not allow the autopsy. We have gone through enough of an abnormal day. Please ease things for us.”

The judge however rejected the family’s request and did not allow them to appeal to the district court. However they can appeal to the Supreme Court and announced that they would indeed appeal the ruling.

The Eda Chareidis said they were prepared to initiate demonstrations if the autopsy goes ahead as planned. In the meantime the ZAKA organization has been helping the family since the tragedy occurred.

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