Assailant in Brooklyn Attack on Orthodox Jewish Man Found Guilty


CROWN HEIGHTS (VINnews) – A man charged with brutally assaulting an Orthodox Jewish 52-year-old on the street was found guilty today guilty of all charges in the anti Semitic beating.

James Vincent, 40 was indicted in 2018 for an unprovoked attack on Menachem Moskowitz in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, while the victim was walking home from Shabbat services.

Moskowitz, a father of nine, told then that he said “good afternoon” to his alleged assailant, who was smoking a cigar on a street corner.

“As soon as [I greeted] him, he began yelling at me ‘you fake Jews, who are you saying hello to? You’re fake Jews and you stole all my money and robbed me, and stole my mortgage and my house. I want to kill you!’” the news website quoted him as saying.

Moskowitz said he walked away quickly but the alleged assailant caught up with him and put him in a choke hold and threatened to kill him. Two women passers-by separated the men and urged Moskowitz to run.

Following his guilty verdict, the judge will hand down a sentence, which could be up to 25 years in prison.

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